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The State of Uttarakhand came in to existence on November 9, 2000 as the 27th Indian State with the bifurcation of the State of Uttar Pradesh. Uttarakhand is spread over a geographical area of 53483 Sq. Kms. out of which approximately 64.79% of the area i.e. 34650.565 Sq. Kms. is under the management of the State Forest Department out of this forest cover the reserved forest under the management of the State Forest Department is 24413.185Sq Kms.


The Formation of Uttarakhand now Uttarakhand as a separate State resulted in the need for the creation of a separate and independent entity that could share the responsibility of preservation, conservation and development of the large forest cover of Uttarakhand along with the forest department of the State. This need was fulfilled with the creation of the Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation (UAFDC), on the lines of the U.P.Forest Corporation of the State of U.P from which it was carved out. Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation saw its birth through the promulgation of an ordinance by the Honorable Governor of Uttarakhand Shri Surjit Singh Barnala, on March 3, 2001. This ordinance was subsequently replaced by 'UP Forest Corporation (Uttarakhand Amendment), Act 2001.



UAFDC commenced its operations from April 1, 2001.


Powers and Functions

Functions and powers of the Corporation subject to the provisions of the Forest Corporation Act, and to any general or special directions of the State Government:


  • To undertake removal and disposal of trees and exploitation of forest resources entrusted to it by the State Government.

  • To prepare projects relating to forestry within the State.

  • To undertake research program relating to forest and forest products and render technical advice to the State Government on matters relating to forestry.

  • To manage, maintain and develop forests as are transferred or entrusted to it by the State Government.

  • To perform such functions as the State Government may from time to time require.


The Corporation shall, subject to the provision of the Act, have power to do anything that may be necessary or expedient for carrying out its functions under this Act.


This will include the power –


  • To set up workshops or factories for processing forest raw materials.

  • To establish, maintain and operate laboratories and experimental and research stations.

  • To enter into such contract or arrangement with any person as the Corporation may deem necessary for performing its functions under the Act.

  • To borrow money, issue debentures and manage its fund.

  • To incur expenditure and grant loans and advances to such persons as the Corporation may deem necessary for performing its functions.


The Corporation may undertake the execution of any aforestation project at the request of the State Government or with the previous approval of the State Government against the request of any other person on terms and conditions as agreed upon.


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