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Marketing of Timber



Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation has been given the integrated task of logging, marketing of timber and minor forest produce, raising new economic plantations and developing the necessary infrastructure. Its activities include Sales, Market Research and Product Management.



Depot Herbertpur






The corporation has been using four methods for marketing its products – ;


  • By Auction/Tenders, 

    Products are bid out to purchasers at auction depots situated at different places in Uttarakhand. Auctions are carried out on specific dates that are published in the newspapers.

  • By Allotment to Industries, 

    The allotment of wood as raw material to forest based industries established before 11-12-86 is being made by the State Government as per policy guidelines through the Corporation. Allotment is being made only to the Paper industries on a year to year basis.

    The rates of allotment are fixed on the basis of rates received through auctioning.

  • By Order supply to government departments, 

    The Corporation also supplies timber and firewood directly to government departments and corporations.

  • By Retail Sales.

    To serve the general public directly Corporation sells round timber, firewood, charcoal and sawn timber of Sal, Shisham, Teak, Chir Pine, Deodar and Kail through auction and retail depots


Marketing Division

Shri Rajendra singh
DMM (Kotdwar)
Shir M.C Joshi
Shri Mahesh Chandra Arya
Shri J.P Bhatt
Shri D.C. Uniyal




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